5 Things That Have Changed in Old Town, Nice



The tall palm trees lining Nice’s shoreline, the smooth, glittering beach, and the sparkling sapphire blue waters are all crying out to you to come and take in the breathtaking beauty of Nice. The Old Town, located in the centre of Nice, is widely recognised for its enchanting historic houses and churches, charming squares, and the winding, narrow streets that map the area.

The area is visited by tourists from all over to take in the striking historic beauty of the Old Town. However, the Old Town has undergone significant alteration throughout time. Here are five things that have changed in Old Town, Nice you will enjoy during a walking tour of Nice.

Renovation of some of the key historic sites

The Old Town of Nice has stood and weathered the test of time. All of this has been made possible by the repairs and restorations made to a few significant historic locations to preserve and sustain the historic structures. The Riga Cathedral, which is in Nice’s Old Town, is one such antiquated site. When the Riga Cathedral was built in the 1200s, its outer corners were exquisitely decorated with massive stone blocks.

The interior was designed in a Romanesque manner and has undergone numerous alterations over time. The enormous organ with more than 6,000 pipes and the exquisite stained glass that magnificently adorn the cathedral and enhance its splendour contribute to its charm. However, the church has undergone renovation, time and time again, and it has only added to the majesty and beauty of this church, its beautiful attractions have been preserved and highlighted. Similar to the Riga Cathedral, the renowned Eglise De Sainte Jeanne D’arc has undergone renovations recently. It is famed for its exquisite embellishments. 

Nice has become a host to several cultural events and festivals!

Over the years, Nice has started to host numerous cultural events and festivals that attract tourists from all over the world. The increment in the cultural festivals has changed the landscape of Nice with the introduction of arts, music and cultural festivals that celebrate Nice’s traditions. Whether it’s the sound of velvety music presented to you by esteemed Jazz Music Artists like Charles Lloyd, and Louis Armstrong at the annual Nice Jazz Festival, or the confetti and flowers that shower the audience and streets as the thick smell of perfume intoxicates in the Winter Carnival, the Cote d’Azur lights up several times a year. Attendees also enjoy a magnificent and spectacular firework display at the Cannes International Fireworks Festival.

Nice has become a Tourist Hub!

The tourism industry plays a crucial role in economic and cultural advancement, globally. Nice, renowned for its breathtaking scenery and extensive history, has developed into one of the top travel destinations worldwide. In addition to its extensive history and culture, Nice provides visitors with various activities to take part in. Travellers enjoy the thriving arts scene, visit the charming baroque churches in Nice, take in their delicate beauty, and participate in the Walking Tour of Nice, which takes them to most of the key attractions. The allure of Nice is increased by its closeness to Monaco. 

Nice’s infrastructure has seen a massive improvement!

To better serve the varied demands of all visitors, the infrastructure of Nice has recently undergone significant growth and upgrading. It has excellent air and sea transportation connections through the Cote d’Azur International Airport and ferries. The extensive network of roads and railroads also makes it convenient to travel to every corner of the region. To satisfy the needs of tourists, Nice also has a range of opulent hotels and resorts along with reasonably priced flats and guesthouses. 

Emergence of new and trendy cafes and restaurants

Nice boasts an active nightlife scene; its cafes, restaurants, and bars have changed to accommodate new establishments; in addition to excellent traditional French restaurants, its restaurants have grown to include several eateries and cafes serving international cuisines; its bars not only provide excellent wine but also have a magnificent view of the sea and sunset.