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Nice has extravagant options for cuisines, and many tourists consider Nice to be an amazing experience for fine dining with a spectacular view. If you are in Nice, you need to take this opportunity to capture the culture of France with authentic cuisines with a splash of Italian culture due to the proximity of Nice to the Italian border in the south. Fine dining in France is a culture that has been revered for centuries, with traditions that exist even today. Your experience in France is incomplete if you don’t taste the authentic fine dining experience and gain exposure to Nice’s delicious, scrumptious, and diverse food options.

History of cuisines in Nice

Cuisines in Nice are highly influenced by the Italians and the regional setup of the city. Nice was once a part of the House of Savoy, which includes Piedmont and Sardinia, which currently go by the names Piemonte and Liguria. Therefore, you can find recipes that are quite similar to these regions when compared to Nice. At Nice, you can find fusions of cuisines that have a touch of France and Italy. The main ingredients often include parmesan cheese, fresh fish from the Mediterranean, olive oil, and fresh herbs. This has influenced the taste of Nice, and you can find one of the best restaurants here.

Which location in Nice has the best restaurants?

If you are wondering where to eat in Nice, you don’t have to worry about it. This is because you can find restaurants in Nice all over the town, especially in the regions of Promenade des Anglais, Vieux Nice, and many other regions with a beachfront.

Top best restaurants in Nice

Hold your horses if the mouthwatering food culture of Nice inspires you since we have the best recommendations. You don’t have to worry about where to eat in Nice as we have a list of the best restaurants you should surely check out when in Nice, France.

1) Jan

nice france restaurant

Jan is a popular restaurant in Nice whose cuisines are inspired by the local produce, which is bound by regional influences. The restaurant also takes inspiration from South African Cuisine. It is located at 12 Rue Lascaris, which is located on the outskirts of Old Nice.

2) Le Chantecler

restaurants in nice france

The Le Chantecler’s interiors take you back to 18th Century Europe with exquisite decors. If you are a wineophile, you should surely check out this place with delicious entrees.

3) Le Panier

where to eat in nice

Le Panier is an authentic French restaurant with scrumptious freshly baked items. If you are craving for some gamut or macarons, you should surely check this out. You can find this restaurant at the historic Pike Place Market.

4) La Cucina Nice

restaurants in nice

La Cucina has cuisine options that are a fusion of the Italian and French cultures, which we discussed earlier. Suppose you want a taste of authentic Nice with flavours hidden with its whimsical history. It is worth trying out this restaurant when in Nice as it has a lot to offer.

5) La Pêche à la Vigne

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Your win tourism should definitely put a halt at this stop as the place is a haven for wine connoisseurs and wine lovers. You can find a range of wine options that are either produced locally or imported from various regions in France. Besides this, you can also find a variety of dishes to try out with the wine.

6) Carpe Diem

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If you are looking for a restaurant in Nice, France, that hosts Italian cuisines, you should surely check out Carpe Diem. You can find dishes prepared from fresh produce and seasonal ingredients. The vibe is cosy and makes a great spot for an evening dinner:

7) Les Amoureux

good food in france

If you are craving for Neapolitan pizzas in Nice, the best restaurant for your craving is Les Amoureux. You can find beers, wines, pizzas, and desserts to satisfy your cravings. In addition, there is no other place in Nice where you can find a variety of pizzas with various toppings.

8) La Merenda

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La Merenda is a place with a vibe that speaks a hundred words and finger-licking cuisines. The restaurant is located at the Promenade des Anglais and is one of the best hotels in Nice, France.

9) Le Plongeoir

nice places to eat

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try Mediterranean cuisines in Nice. The Le Plongeoir specializes in Mediterranean cuisines and is located on the beach drive.

10) Primo Amore by Pappagallo

nice france restaurant

If you want to check out their cuisines, you should surely take a look at their Instagram handle. The restaurant has artistic cutlery, amazing presentation, and delicious cuisine options that you could try out. It is a mozzarella bar, so it’s time for a cheesy adventure.

How are the restaurants usually rated in Nice?

The restaurants in Nice are usually rated on their artistic approach, choice of cuisines, food textures, and more. Unfortunately, the rating on Yelp relies on the locals as tourist reviews. Besides, you can also find Michelin Star restaurants that have taken fine dining to a whole new level and get a taste of exquisite and rich cuisines with great textures.

The Bottom Line

There are various restaurants in Nice, France, in addition to the beautiful landscape and the location on the sunny side of France. When in Nice, you should surely check out the French-Italian fusion cuisines that have evolved over the years, preserving cultures that are not reflected in their taste. You can also find the best restaurants in the Nice old town, especially near the flower market and the 7-mile-long coastal road. Where to eat in France is not something that you should be bothered with as there are tons of options, cuisines, and talented chefs, especially in Nice and Normandy.

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