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The French need their breakfast and never skip it. It is kind of a sin to miss your breakfast in France. The breakfast culture is not quite fancy, and the French prefer a lite and sweet breakfast. In other cultures, you might see people grab a coffee and rush to their workplaces. However, that is not the case in France, as the French are laid back and love to take things slow. The same applies to Nice, which is in southeastern France with an amazing morning meal culture that even has Italian options due to the proximity of the Italian border.

What is included in a typical French Breakfast?

A typical French breakfast is lite, sweet, and has coffee or tea on its side. While bacon & eggs are quite American, the French have their own style. You can also find good options for breakfast in the buffet. Even the classic egg in France has its own style. There are plenty of breakfast options to explore in Nice, and if you have the time try out everything that is on the menu, so don’t stick to your mundane orders. You can get some great breakfast recommendations in Nice by reading this article till the end.

The French are laid back! The Brunch Culture

The French are more relaxed than any other nationalities. They tend to follow a one-at-a-time approach and are quite laid back. In fact, the working statistics suggest that the French work less than other developed countries. Especially on the weekends, the Brunch culture is quite popular, and the French call it La Brunch. The culture in France is known to be quite relaxing, uptight, and conservative. This has influenced their breakfast culture to be authentic, often including a fine dining experience. You will never see a French person grab breakfast and have it on the way to work. Coffee is another thing!

Top places to visit for breakfast in Nice.

There are various places that are highly recommended for morning meals in Nice. Here are some of our recommendations that will make you start your walking tour with content.

1) Déli Bo.

brunch in nice

The Pan Bagnat is one of the popular dishes at Déli Bo. Grabbing a coffee, muffins, and some morning snacks are recommended. Don’t forget to try the almond croissant at Déli Bo.

2) Co-T-Café

nice breakfast places

The Co-T-Café is a vegan-friendly cafe with gluten-free options as well. If you are around Place Massena, you should definitely check out this cafe.

3) Olim

nice breakfast places near me

Olim is the best restaurant for Brunch in France. There are many options to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can find Olim Homemade cookies, Fondant tout Chocolat, Pana Cotta fruits rouges, and more.

4) Boulangerie Jeannot

nice brunch places

The Jeannot is recommended to be one of the best boulangeries in Nice. It is located at the heart of Nice. Before starting your walking tour, you can have a good breakfast here, which can be croissants, scrambled eggs, and a coffee.

5) Pain&Cie

nice place for breakfast

The Pain&Cie has got 4/5 reviews on Yelp. Overall it has got a good rating for the budget-friendly rates. The jam and croissant with coffee is a deadly combination and is highly recommended. Pain&Cie is located in the center of Vieux Nice and is a great starting point for a walking tour in Nice.

There are many other breakfast cafes that you could check out in Nice. You should also take recommendations from the locals; however, you should try learning French.

Some popular breakfast options in Nice

Well, you might be wondering what breakfast options the locals prefer. Here are some of the popular breakfast options in Nice.

1) Chicken Bacon Avocado Salad

best breakfast in nice

The Chicken bacon avocado salad is one of the best breakfast options in Nice. The salad is recommended for health-conscious individuals and is packed with the right nutrients. Well, it is not a standard breakfast option, but you should definitely try it.

2) Cheese Omelet

breakfast in nice france

The Cheese Omelet in Nice is one of the tastiest breakfast options for a scrumptious morning meal. It is the best breakfast option to start your morning and be active throughout the day on your walking tour in Nice.

3) Bread & Scones

bed and breakfast in nice

A variety of bread and scones is a speciality of Nice or any other region in France for that matter. You can get various options for bread in France. The baguette is one of the popular ones. Scones with tea and coffee is an uptight breakfast option.

4) Pancakes

breakfast places in nice

Pancakes are at the heart of a typical French breakfast. The freshly grown berries make a great addition to pancakes in Nice. Pancakes and coffee can be easily found in Nice. Crêpes are quite popular, and you should try them out for your next breakfast in Nice.

5) Cheese and Bread

breakfast places in nice france

The French hate cheese with crackers mainly because the crackers influence the cheese taste. However, the French love cheese spread on bread or a baguette. It is delicious, and you should definitely give it a try.

6) Cookies & Croissants

best breakfast places in nice france

France is the heart of croissants, and the world has been inspired by it. A fancy breakfast always includes a croissant and what better place to try than from where it originated? Almond croissants are delicious. You should also check out Maison cookies or homemade cookies in the cafés at Nice.

Well, there are many more recommendations, such as pastries, patisseries, and more. You can surely find your breakfast preference and the local cafes are much cheaper than a breakfast buffet in the hotel.

Bonjour Nice: Final Remarks

Nice offers much more than amazing site scenes, artistic inspiration, and beautiful landscapes. Besides this, Nice is at the heart of fine dining and exquisite breakfast options. So if you want to experience the morning Nice, you should try out various breakfast options in Cafés.

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