Visiting Nice is wonderful. After a Nice walking tour, you have to eat something. Like all tourist cities, in Nice, there are take-away and leave-behind meals. So I will show you a very exclusive place where you will feel comfortable and where you will be immersed in the real French culture. This is Emma’s Bed and Breakfast: you can stay here, as she rents rooms from the locals and even her entire large apartment on the top of a chic Haussmann-style building, which is incomparably contemporary, but it also opens its door to gourmets. 

In fact, in many restaurants, French culture is adapted to foreign tastes, so it is not the real French way of life. To really experience it, you should talk to a local who will understand your culture and explain it to you. Indeed, to explain what French tastes are, you must understand the tastes of other countries, otherwise, you will not see the relevant information. In her approach, Emma can offer you a very modern French breakfast. It is an exclusive experience, as she will welcome you in her own home, in the apartment where she lives and not in a commercial premise. 

Other guests from all over the globe will join you. It is an experience that brings you the pleasure of meeting other travellers from all over the world, in an exclusive and very design place with a French chef who will delight you with various flavours from another world. Feel privileged at his table, because you really are. But above all, you will enjoy as never before, an immense choice, intense flavours, surprises of undeniable originality.

Yes, it is one of the best tables in Nice, everyone will be able to confirm it, it’s delicious. So be daring, demand exclusivity for yourself! As this experience is exclusive, only a small number of guests are accepted each day. Emma prepares one table a day for these guests: either breakfast and you start your day with French gastronomy or brunch where you have an even greater choice than for breakfast. I remind you that the real French breakfast is only sweet and that under no circumstances can there be any salty product. Emma will put a small one, because she knows that some cultures need it, but to keep its authenticity, it will not be put forward. She wants to respect tradition while satisfying her curious globetrotters. One word came to me after my experience with her: Foodista. It is a contraction of the word food and fashonista. It’s a good summary of what you can experience at Emma’s. So don’t hesitate for a second, she will fill your eyes with glitter, your heart with warmth and your belly with wonderful flavours.Recently, Emma has developed a novelty: online cooking classes via Zoom. She offers you to make an apple pancake together. The course lasts one hour, and she has fun saying that nobody wants to extend this hour to discuss a little more because they are all hungry 😉 If you want to book a class online, I give you her mail so you can make an appointment:

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