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Nice is a wonderland for shoppers, especially if you’re travelling with someone who loves shopping more than anything. The local markets have survived the pandemic and historical events and have survived their present state of the flourishing market with millions of tourists visiting each year.

Wandering the outdoor markets in Nice is a site to watch with spectacular architecture in the background with the best items found in France. The vibe of speaking to the locals, grabbing things from the market, and the ease of access to gorgeous spots make Nice an ideal location for shopping and buying unique things.

What Is Mainly Exported From Nice?

Well, you should not know what to purchase when in Nice, making it easier for you to buy things from Nice that preserve its authenticity. Nice is a great place for speciality cheese, locally baked bread, fresh fish from the Mediterranean, antiques and wine collections. You also get a variety of flowers in the local flower market at Vieux Nice, which is a highlight for floral lovers and romantic getaways in the city. In this article, you can check out the markets in Nice, the timings, and some recommendations to check out while you are on a walking tour to Nice, France.

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Market Timings In Nice

The flower market is usually closed on Sundays and public holidays. However, it runs from Monday to Saturday, and the timings are from 6 am to 5:30 pm. However, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Friday, it runs till 6:30 pm. The fruit and vegetable market runs from the same time; however, it runs till noon by 1:30 pm. The Antiques and Flea market begins later in the morning till midnight. The timings are varied; however, don’t forget to cross-check it with your local guides and accordingly plan your day. The usage of plastic is prohibited.

Here Are Some Of The Types Of Markets You Can Find In Vieux Nice;

1) Food Market

The Cours Saleya square is a popular site among the locals and the tourists for market settlements, especially the food market. You can get locally sourced honey, jam, marmalade, and more. It is the best local market experience as the locals voluntarily give you samples allowing you to have a taste of Nice. The chickpea pancake is a local staple in Nice, and you should definitely check it out in Cours Saleya Square. Oh, and not forgetting the pissaladières, a kind of pizza popular in Nice.

2) Fruits & Vegetables Market

The geographic location of Nice is a boon for farmland of fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables are then sent to the local market. When you visit the local fruits and vegetable market, you can get a variety of options. Bright red tomatoes, berries, huge lemons, strawberries, and striped awnings are quite popular. You should also buy garlic and fresh basil, and you also get access to a large variety of spices to satisfy your taste buds.

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3) Fish Market

The access to the sea at Nice makes it one of the most ideal cities to buy seafood. This has inspired fish markets in Nice, France, where you can find fish from the Mediterranean. The Fish Market is called Marché aux Poissons en France. In addition, you can find red millets, sardines, sea bass, anchovies, and other specialities of Nice. If you have booked an Airbnb and want to cook something, then it is worth checking out this place.

4) La Gare Du Sud

La Gare Du Sud was once a railway station in Nice. Now it has been converted into a market, and tourists also get a fine dining experience while shopping. It has a recommended marketplace in Nice as you can get everything that you need. You can find this on your way to Place Massena. It is a dynamic local place and only a few minutes from the Liberation market that hosts fruits, vegetables, and other food items.

5) Carrefour Market Nice Gambetta

If you want an in-store shopping experience in Nice, then the Carrefour Market Nice Gambetta is the best place to check out. The Market runs between 8:30 Am to 8:30 Pm. You can get all the items and ingredients that you need to cook delicious french dishes when in Nice.

6) Antiques Market

The Food and Flower markets take an off on Mondays, whereas the antique markets dominate the streets of Nice. Colourful striped canopies stalls can be found here, which is a pulsating nerve centre. You can also find gifts for your loved ones back home that reflect the authenticity of Nice in this market.

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7) Evening Market

If you want to experience the nightlife in Nice, you should also check out its vibrant evening market. They have ambient lighting, and shopping on the streets in the evening is fun as the street lamps, and tainted window panes are illuminated. The Course Paleya square in the night screams for fun, excitement, and the best products.

8) Speciality Summer Market

The market in Nice during summer is filled with a ton of various items. The speciality market during summer is worth checking out with hints of Italy and France. The summer season in Nice is relaxing, and you get everything you need in the market for a wonderful vacation.

9) Arts & Craft Market

Nice’s Arts and Craft market is only active on the first and fourth Saturday of the month. You can also find artisans in the evening, especially during September, which is a high season. The speciality of the Arts and Craft market is that it runs till midnight. Hence, you can add this to your list of exploring nights Nice.

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of food items, vegetables, fruits, spices, and flowers in the market of Nice. Here outdoor shopping is a trend, especially in Cours Saleya Square. You should plan your visit accordingly and integrate it with your existing walking tour plans. Some markets are best to visit in the evening.

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