Discover Nice and its local specialities with accents of Provence that smell good in summer. The Nice walking tour invites you to discover the 10 specialities of Nice that you must taste during your stay! Take a gourmet break in the heart of the city of Nice with our guide of good addresses.

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The socca
The socca is like a pancake of chickpea flour baked with olive oil on a large round baking tray in a wood-fired oven. To taste absolutely during your weekend in Nice, this specialty from Nice is eaten hot, just out of the oven, plain or with a little pepper.

To taste the authentic Socca of Nice, the Nice walking tour advises you to go to Chez Pipo. Restaurant located near the port of Nice, after the Promenade des Anglais, the socca has been their main speciality since the 1920s. Discover the history of the socca on the “Chez Pipo” website.

La daube niçoise
Daube niçoise, or “doba a la nissarda” in nissard language, is a speciality made from beef cooked with red wine, tomatoes, carrots, bacon, onions, ceps… Daube niçoise is often accompanied by ravioli niçois or gnocchis, two other key elements of the Niçois cuisine!

After sunbathing on the Place Garibaldi, go to the Lu Fran Calin restaurant, holder of the “Cuisine nissarde” label, in the Vieux-Nice, which offers fresh and gourmet local cuisine. This restaurant overlooking the pretty Rossetti square delights all palates and the welcome is irreproachable, an address to keep for a romantic dinner!

Daube Niçoise – Nice walking tour

Nice olives & olive oil
The Nice black olive is a variety of olive cultivated in the north of Nice and in the east of the Var department.
The Nice olive is produced by a “cailletier”, the predominant breed of olive tree in the Alpes-Maritimes. Small and black, these olives are eaten as they are or in olive paste and oil.

In many restaurants in the town, the olive niçoise is offered as an accompaniment to your aperitif. You can also taste the olive niçoise in the city’s markets such as the one in Cours Saleya. To bring back some as a souvenir, you will find your happiness at the specialists such as the Oliviera shop and the Maison de l’Olive, two shops located in Old Nice.

Salad niçoise
Do you think you’ve ever tasted the salad niçoise? Look out! The recipe for the real salade niçoise is of the utmost importance to the inhabitants of the city.
Composed of tomatoes, beans, celery, peppers, hard-boiled egg, olives from Nice, anchovies or tuna, small purple artichokes, olive oil… the salad niçoise never contains rice or potatoes!

A refreshing salad in summer, under the sun of Nice.
To taste an authentic Niçoise salad, go to A Buteghinn’a, a restaurant in the Vieux-Nice also recognized by Lonely Planet for this speciality

Niçoise salade – Nice walking tour

The pan bagnat
The pan bagnat, which means “wet bread”, implied by the olive oil, is one of those specialties of the Niçoise cuisine that you must absolutely eat during your stay. In the form of a round bread roll garnished with the ingredients of the salad niçoise, the pan bagnat can be eaten on the beach in love or between two visits of museums for example.

The people of Nice all recommend the pan bagnat at the Kiosque Chez Tintin, in the Libération district.

Pan Bagnat – Nice walking tour

The stuffed niçois
Typical dishes of the Mediterranean basin which are declined in Nice with tomatoes, peppers, zucchinis or aubergines of small sizes. You can even find small stuffings with zucchini flowers!
The stuffing consists of hollowed out vegetables, meat, breadcrumbs, olive oil… The small stuffings can be eaten cold or hot. A simple and tasty recipe to enjoy during your family holidays!

The Acchiardo restaurant located in the Old-Nice offers small stuffings to fall on the floor!

The Niçoise cuisine adapts vegetables to all sauces. And even in the form of doughnuts!
Zucchini, eggplant and especially zucchini flowers fritters are worth the detour.

A few steps from the start of the Nice walking tour, go to Lou Balico to taste this typical specialty of Nice.

The pissaladière
The pissaladière is an onion tart originally filled with “pissalat”, a mixture of sardines and anchovies spread on a bread dough base. It is nowadays decorated with anchovy fillets and black olives from Nice. The pissaladière de Nice is generally eaten as a starter, accompanied by a white or rosé wine from the country. A treat for the taste buds dating back to the Middle Ages that the people of Nice have been able to keep up to the present day!

The pissaladière makes the reputation of the restaurant Le Jardin d’Hélène, just a few minutes from the start of the Nice walking toure and the port.


Chard pie
This 15th century pie is eaten sweet or savoury, generally cold or even warm. In the sweet version, it consists of chard, pine nuts and raisins and is sprinkled with icing sugar; the pie from the Boulangerie du Palais is very popular with the people of Nice and tourists!

The savoury chard pie is garnished with chard, rice, savoury and parmesan cheese. The one at La Fourchina d’Aqui is sure to please you!

The wine of Bellet
Harvested on the territory of Nice, the wine of Bellet is emblematic of the city. It can be white, red or rosé – ideal to accompany all the specialities of Nice!
The appellation has 10 estates, including the Fogolar Collet de Bovis, in the heights of Nice. Take advantage of the Nice walking tour to learn more about it!

The addresses we recommend are a non-exhaustive list of all the restaurants in Nice. Discover all the restaurants labelled “Cuisine nissarde”, as well as our top 5 of the best ice cream parlours in the city and where to eat delicious pizzas in Nice.

The Nice walking tour starts every morning at 10.00am and discover the amazing local food.

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