In Nice you can eat an excellent pizza as if you were in Italy. TripAdvisor recently unveiled its ranking of the French cities where you can eat the best pizzas and Nice is ranked second just after Paris! To succumb to your craving for pizza, the Nice walking tour invites you to discover 5 unforgettable Italian restaurants in Nice.

Pizzeria Les Amoureux
Close to the port of Nice, about 20 minutes walk from start of the nice walking tour, the pizzeria Les Amoureux offers authentic Neapolitan pizza, traditional recipes and more original pizzas. The chef cultivates a real know-how combining simplicity and generosity. The products are fresh, tasty and authentic. The pizza dough is always well mastered and crispy and it is a real treat.

The restaurant Les Amoureux is very successful and is full every night. So remember to reserve your table in advance.

Villa d’Este
The Villa d’Este is an Italian restaurant located in the heart of Nice in the pedestrian street 5 minutes walk the Place Massena where Nice walking tour start. The cuisine is full of flavours and colours and the service is jovial. Its particularity: the Villa d’Este serves very very generous plates. If you have a craving, this is the place to come! Especially for pizzas and the famous cream caramel dessert which is the size of a plate!

The place, chic and elegant, underlines the Italian Dolce Vita and makes you enjoy a journey of incomparable flavours where each dish is sublimated by the chef’s generosity! Villa d’Este is the perfect place for those hungry for Italian cuisine!

Acqua e Farina
The restaurant Acqua E Farina, meaning “water and flour”, is an Italian establishment in the Naples area located in Old Nice, 10 minutes walk from the nice walking tour. Find all the flavours of Italy and the real Neapolitan pizza in the respect of traditions. Acqua E Farina always privileges quality over quantity.

A friendly atmosphere, the staff’s singing accent brightens up every meal and plunges the guest into the heart of Italy. This address is a real reference for Italians living in Nice, and an excellent discovery for the people of Nice and holidaymakers passing through.

Julien’s workshop
The pizzeria L’Atelier de Julien in the centre of Nice, 20 minutes walk from the Nice walking tour is as excellent as it is friendly! The chef mainly works on very elaborate pizzas and opts for the slow fermentation of his pizza dough to bring out its exceptional flavour.

In summer, take advantage of the terrace and the sun of Nice to enjoy your pizza. L’Atelier de Julien is the perfect place to spend a good evening with friends or family!

The Sentimi, an Italian restaurant on Place Garibaldi, only a ten-minute walk from Nice walking tour, offers a magnificent terrace for lunch or dinner. Even inside the restaurant you think you are outside with a huge olive tree throning in the middle of the room.

The welcome, the good mood and the kindness of the staff come to perfect a meal with exquisite flavours! On the menu let yourself be tempted by the “Sentimi” pizza, with its very fine dough, it is a real treat!

In Nice, pizza, whether round, square, heart-shaped, small or large is a sure value! Leave your stay on the French Riviera with a taste of Italy.

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