Viator Walking Tours vs. Nice Fun Tours



Viator Walking Tours, the online tour booking platform, offers a variety of Nice Walking Tour types. These tours provide diverse experiences for large groups of people. This tour group is perfect for tourists who like to experience Mediterranean and Persian sights amid engaging group activities.

However, not all tourists appreciate feeling like outsiders peering through the rose-tinted spectacles of visitors. And this is where Nice Fun Tours comes in to save the day. On the other hand, Nice Fun Tours is a locally focused company specializing in personalized and engaging tours of Nice. Based in Nice, this local tour guide company offers fun and interactive private tours focusing on Nice’s history, culture, and local lifestyle. Their offerings include themed tours, such as art and architecture, local markets, and food tours.

When comparing the two well-reputed tour guide companies, there are a few reasons why tourists might choose one over the other. 

Tour Options and customization

Viator Walking Tours offers many tour options, including historical walks and food and wine tours. They also provide options for tailored experiences to match specific interests for group excursions. Similarly, Nice Fun Tours offers the same options for group tours and tour customization according to the visitor’s interests. One of the advantages of choosing Nice Fun Tours is their customizable private tours, tailored to fit the unique interests of individuals. This allows for a more intimate and personalized appreciation of the vibrant and distinctly historic city of Nice.

Pricing and Value for Money

Viator Walking Tours offers competitive prices, often with discounts for early bookings or bundle deals. The group is also known for occasionally providing tourists with complimentary items. 

In comparison, Nice Fun Tours offers mid-range pricing that highlights the personalized nature of the tours. These tours place more emphasis on unique local experiences and small group sizes, ensuring a more intimate and engaging tour that becomes a core memory and not just a long wait in line to enter a popular attraction filled to the brim with selfie-stick-wielding mobs.   

Quality of Tour Guides

The guides employed by Viator Walking Tours are generally knowledgeable, with specific expertise depending on the type of tour. However, despite having a network of certified local guides, the quality of guides you get can vary as guides are contracted based on availability.

The tour guides that work with Nice Fun Tours are locals with deep knowledge of Nice’s history and culture and are often praised for their engaging storytelling and personal anecdotes. As all the guides are local to the city, each tour is conducted by consistently high-quality guides who are passionate about their city and adept at providing an immersive experience.

User Reviews and Testimonials

The utmost priority for every tour business is to provide a superb customer experience, which is evident in the positive user reviews and testimonials received. The two competing tour operators are neck-to-neck in this respect. The official websites for both Viator Walking Tours and Nice Fun Tours are highly user-friendly and offer robust customer support. Viator Walking Tours’ customer support can be accessed via the website and has a good reputation for responsiveness. Their past tours, however, received mixed reviews due to unavoidable guide quality inconsistencies. 

On the other hand, Nice Fun Tours offers more personalized customer service with direct access to tour operators, offering a more tailored approach to queries and issues. This approach has earned Nice Fun Tours high ratings for tour quality, guide expertise, and overall experience. 

Both Viator Walking Tours and Nice Fun Walking Tours offer distinct advantages depending on the preferences of the individual choosing the options. Where Viator is ideal for anyone seeking a wide variety of tours at competitive pricing, Nice Fun Walking Tours excels in providing personalized, engaging, and locally focused tours under the apt guidance of local tour guides. 

In light of personal opinions and user ratings, Nice Fun is perfect for people who value intimate group sizes, high-quality guides, and a deep dive into the local culture of Nice. However, if your main concern is a low budget, opt for Viator Walking Tours.