A Walk-Through Old Town, Nice, France



You should promenade tßhrough the crowded, bustling streets of Nice, France, at least once in your lifetime, especially if you are a fan of Emily in Paris and adore the scenic beauty, the delicious French cuisine, and the amazing architecture made up of tall tenement houses lined. It is a rare sight in any other French city.

We can promise that once you see the Old Town of Nice, you’ll want to learn more and come back for more. The winding lanes are home to several gorgeous churches, bustling cafes, beautiful plazas, and tourist attractions, which will undoubtedly ensnare everyone.

So, join us as we take you through a walking tour of Vieux Nice and enjoy it like it was meant to.

Markets in Old Town

A world of experiences awaits you at the open-air marketplaces along Cours Saleya. You will be astounded by the abundance of items offered to you in so-called Old Nice beneath Castle Hill. Beneath the booths’ shade, shielded from the scorching sun, the surroundings appear otherworldly, almost divine.

One must see for themselves to believe in the vivid colours of the peaked spices on stands, the blossoming flowers of all shapes and sizes, and the delicious fruits and vegetables.

Even individuals who detest shopping could be persuaded to visit the marketplaces at Cours Saleya due to their assortment of stores and boutiques. You will love visiting the art market, which features contemporary abstract and landscape paintings, the antique market, which has a selection of rustic antiques that make great treasures and book markets featuring books of all different times and genres. You can even shop from street vendors and get an assortment of bags, hats, and jewellery.

Saint-François fish market needs a separate mention. The best time to visit the fish market is dawn when the weather is still chilly. The fish market is a roadside stand that is open all morning on all days but Monday, providing a variety of fresh fish.

It’s helpful to know that even though Nice is on the coastline, there are rarely any fish in the water. As a result, fishermen in Saint Francoïs collect fish from the neighbouring coastlines and deliver it to you fresh. You may enjoy the wayside cafes, the picturesque paved streets, and the fish market as you stroll there. The markets in Cours Saleyashould be one of the places you visit when you visit Nice.

Heavenly Sights to Sightsee With Narrow Streets

Take in the historic beauty of Nice’s cathedrals after your shopping expedition as you stroll through the narrow and shadowed streets. There are a lot of ancient, exquisitely crafted buildings in Italy, but the churches in France have a delicate beauty that is hard to put into words. This area boasts ornate churches that celebrate a rich history. In Old Nice, there are nine churches, all of which are within walking distance within a square mile and have a certain uniqueness to them.

The Cathedrale Saint-Reparate is among the city’s oldest churches honoring the city’s patron saint. Its inside is decorated in gold and white, making it one of the most magnificent churches. This church is very different from the others in that it radiates a serene aura and has exquisite decorations. The name of the Cathedrale comes from Reparate, a Palestinian girl who was tormented for her faith to get her to revert. Her story is both heartbreaking and miraculous. Following her execution, angels guided a raft carrying her remains into the Bay of Nice. Both the Bay and the Cathedrale Saint Reparate bear her name.

Considered a local favourite, Eglise Sainte-Rita is one of Nice’s most beautiful churches. It is also one of Nice’s most attractive structures. The interior is the most breathtaking sight, even though the entry isn’t as impressive as the others. The interior is magnificent, a rustic beauty with long, giant crystal chandeliers, pink marble that maps the inside, and wide beams.

The Promenade Des Anglais, also known as the Bay of Angles, which stretches for almost seven kilometres between the sea and the towering, lush, green palm trees, is a must-see location for any trip to Nice. The bay’s picturesque view sets the pleasant coastline apart from the others.

It also boasts the well-known Hotel Negresco, with its pink dome, which has played host to numerous celebrities and politicians over the years of its establishment, overlooking the coastline. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in old town Vieux Nice. Guests wake up to the beautiful sea waves crashing down the beach every morning during their stay. They can also stroll down the tiny streets and grab an ice cream, which is one of the unofficial local specialties.

Food And The Flea Market!

Not only are French people passionate about love, but also about food! Thus, you may enjoy the local street food vendors if you’re in Old Town and exhausted from a long day of shopping and sink into one of those outdoor café chairs. Street food options in the area include fiery tacos, mouthwatering shrimp rolls and pitas. Locals in Nice are fond of healthy dishes made from fresh and juicy vegetables and herbs. Their Socca is a crispy chickpea pancake that is often served with a paper cone. Although it sounds simple, it is delicious and will entice your taste buds.

Ratatouille is another simple dish that brings together a mix of vegetables such as eggplants, tomatoes, onions, zucchini, green peppers and simple ingredients in such a sophisticated way that people worldwide come to Nice to try out this dish. The release of the Disney-Pixar film “Ratatouille” led to the particular fame of this dish.

A healthy salad meal called Salad Nicoise may be found in practically every French restaurant. A well-known and nutritious dish that combines basic ingredients like tuna, cucumbers, olives, and hard-boiled eggs with a vinaigrette dressing to create a delectable salad.

However, if you’re drawn to more sophisticated eateries that provide a healthy experience in a pleasant setting, you only need to go a little further to reach the most exciting restaurants that you’ll undoubtedly be bragging about for the rest of your lives.

Oliveria is a restaurant owned by a French couple that wants to share with everyone their love of olives and Mediterranean food. Their menu will enthral your taste buds and provide a homely, comfortable dining experience. With the newest olive harvests, the food that is delivered to your table is not only fresh but also tastes better thanks to the freshness, therefore this is a tick for the box.

Their Aubergine Oliveria, Tiramisu and Lasagna Aux Trompettes are scrumptious! La Vieille Crepe is another cosy eatery that offers you savoury crepes from a selection of flavours to choose from. The road to this restaurant is a bit beaten, but the food and wine waiting at the end of it are worth walking for.


While most people would consider a week at the french riviera to be a luxury and beautiful way to spend their holidays. However, if you are interested in local artists, beautiful square patches and houses dating back several decades, then Nice walking tours is the way to do it in a few hours!