GuruWalk Walking Tour Is Good, But Nice Fun Tours Is Better



GuruWalk tours are good; their professionalism, their mannerism, and just their enthusiasm to spread the love of France are something we all look for. But why settle for just good when you can have the best? Nice Fun Tours presents, possibly the best tour you would ever embark on, the Walking Tour of Nice. Not only were Nice Fun Tours named the ‘Best of the Best’ in the category of ‘Travellers’ Choice 2023′ by Tripadvisor, but we offer so much more than just a tour, an experience of a lifetime. 

The tour isn’t just an opportunity to see Nice’s antiquated sites; it is an opportunity to create memories of a lifetime, bond with the city and love it as we do.

Why do we stand out from the rest?

Nice Fun Tours has professional local expert guides who are eagerly waiting to share their love of Nice with you. Our guides have been born and raised in the city and are known for their knowledge of the Nice’s every nook and corner, and their professionalism, and are famed for making history come to life, not with the boring facts read off scripts, but with their storytelling skills.

Our guides will take you to witness the allure of the City of Nice and will assist you in discovering the hidden gems of Nice that only a few have seen.

Sites to see on the Walking Tour

Nice Fun Tours take you on an exhilarating Walking Tour, in an opportunity for you to grasp the raw beauty of the City of Nice. Together, we will embark on a two-hour and fifteen-minute tour starting from the heart of Nice; the Square Massena. The square serves as the best starting point for most of the tours of Nice. Its impressive neoclassical buildings boast a striking red colour that commands attention. The plaza is abuzz is a hotbed of entertainment and culture. You can sit back and watch the lives of the countless people who call Nice a home. Square Massena, in the centre of Nice, allows you to visit the magnificent embellished cathedrals, the golden silky sands, the mighty ocean of the Cote D’Azur, and the beautiful Old Town and its cobblestoned streets.

From there, we will visit the Town Hall in the Old Town. You can take in the glory of the Old Town and appreciate the splendour of its construction. The vivid colours of the beautiful buildings will leave you mesmerised. The antiquated Town Hall visit is short but worth it. We will enrich you with information regarding the history of the building and its historical evidence of the culture of Colombo history. 

We will take you to the magnificent Opera in the Old Town, the principal opera venue in Nice. You will witness the massive and impressive entrance and the outstanding architecture of the Opera House. The Opera House offers Operas, ballets and classical musical concerts!

A visit to the Flower Market in Cours Saleya is a must on this walking tour. Held from Thursday to Sunday, you will see a splendid array of different flowers! The thick perfume will have you intoxicated. The magnificent blooming and blossoming flowers of all shapes and sizes and their stunning display will leave you astounded. 

We will visit the Square Rosetti in the Old Town as part of this Walking Tour. You will discover yourself perusing the many stores, indulging in delectable French cuisine at local and continental eateries, and admiring the splendour of the liveliest place in France. One of the most renowned squares, Square Rosetti, has a stunning water feature designed in traditional Italian Baroque architecture. The delicious ice cream at Finnochio’s has many tourists coming from far away to taste it.

The Castle Hill will be the last stop on this magnificent tour. It offers a panoramic view of the Old Town and the mighty sea! You can sit back and enjoy the spectacular view and bask in the sun while you soak in the glory of Nice.

Although several tours are offered in Nice, it is best to leave it up to the experts for a thorough visit of the historic sites and learn about their history. And who is better to serve you than the Nice Fun Tours, renowned for their excellent service? Nice Fun Tours offers you a lot more than a tour by GuruWalk.